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2005/04/03 - Csah 20 Cemetery, St. Peter, MN

Location: Green Lake Cemetery, located on Csah 20, outside of St. Peter, Minnesota. 
Date: April 3, 2005. Approximately 7PM CST.
Weather Conditions: Sunsetting, Temperature N/A, Humdity NA.
Investigators Present: Adam N., Ann V., Ryan B., Garrett S.
Camera: 35mm Nikon SLR Camera w/ 400 Speed Fujifilm
History: The Green Lake Cemetery (also refered to as Green Lawn Cemetery, Traverse de Sioux Cemetery, and Csah 20) is home to some of Nicollet County's first settlers. The plaque that you first see when you enter the location states: 

March, 1856 - Traverse des Sioux and St. Peter organized a cemetery
Assoc. purchasing 10 acres. Early Missionaries, pioneers, and Civil
War Veterans are buried here.

Rev. T. C. Williamson, first Missionary in this area and Rev. Stephen
Riggs translated the Bible, hymnals, and text books to the Sioux
language. Rev. Williamson after the Sioux uprising walked to Mankato
every week to preach to the Indians in prison. Many later became
missionaries to their own people.


Any cold spots or sensations? Ann had been standing by her car while she was waiting for the other three investigators to return from reading the gravemarkers when she reported feeling a cold spot upon her legs. She took a photo and the result was: 

The photo shows what appears to be a mist. These are common among photographs and I have seen many that tend to wrap in the corners of the photo. Sometimes they will wrap themselves around objects such as people in the environment and thus negating the possibility of a hoaxable photograph. 

Any unusual occurrences? Soft soil near the Briggs family plot. Photos were taken but yeilded no positive results.

Observations and Conclusions: While at Green Lake, we found it to be very peaceful and calm for the most part. No sensorary evidence was recorded however when examining the 46 photos that were taken, we found that two did result what could be results.

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