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2005/04/05 - Pioneer Park, Mankato

Location: North 6th and May Streets - Downtown, Mankato, Minnesota
Date: April 5, 2005

Weather Conditions:

Mostly Cloudy Conditions
Temperature: 61 degrees F
Humidity: 72% 
Pressure: 29.83 
Investigators Present: Adam N., Garrett S., 2 guests
Camera: 35mm Nikon SLR Camera w/ 400 Speed Fujifilm
EVP: none 
EMF: none 
History: No information on this place could be found via the internet however from the plaque that was present at the location, this was one of the first cemeteries in Mankato. It housed some of Mankato's first settlers. 
Any cold spots or sensations? None to report.
Any unusual occurrences? A little bit of ground leaves rustling; a frog; and a possible animal walking in the backwoods. Nothing that couldn't be explained.
Observations and Conclusions: This cemetery is very much at rest and no activity was present during the investigation.


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