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2005/06/24 - Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato

Location: Glenwood Ave, Mankato, 56001
Date: June 24, 2005; 12:44 PM | End time: 1:09 AM

Weather Conditions:

Partly Cloudy Conditions/No Precip
Temperature: 66degrees F
Humidity: 82% 
Pressure: 30.03 
Wind: 6mph N
Moon Phase: 3/4
Investigators Present: Adam, Garrett, female guest 
Camera: 2 disposable 35mm Studio 35mm cameras, Digital Canon Powershot A80 
History: Somewhat famous people buried at Glenwood Cemetery. One of Mankato's main cemeteries since 1869. Is in middle of the town built on a hill.
Any cold spots or sensations? No.

Any unusual occurrences? Adam spotted the figure of a child on the road near the children's section of the cemetery. "Appeared to be a boy of possible early 1900 era standing and looking at us." (child section is near the mausoleum; large white building with vines.)


Observations and Conclusions: We started off the investigation by visiting the graves of Garrett's relatives and then took a few photos there. We singled out large monuments as they serve sometimes as social places for spirits to gather as they are unique and easy to find. 

Took some pictures of the old office building that was built in 1863 when the cemetery was first put into operation.

We then went towards the children's section when Adam noticed the small boy spirit. Spirit appeared long enough for two camera flashes and then vanished. The group scoped out the masoluem and then moved back towards the vehicles. Stopped by to take a few photos at a large monument.


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