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2005/08/05 - Calvary Cemetery, Mankato

Location: Calvary Cemetery, Mankato Minnesota
Date: August 5, 2005 - Start: 9:30 pm End: 10:45 pm

Weather Conditions: Clear/No Precip
Temperature: 71 F
Humidity: 55%
Pressure: 30.19 IN
Wind: 4 mph SW
Moon Phase: New Moon

Investigators Present: Adam, Kelly, Monica, Nancy, Garrett, two guests
Camera: 3 Digital Cameras, 1 Film loaded one
EVP: None were taken
EMF: Cell Sensor EMF

History: We have been to this location several times as regular visitors to this website do know, this night we were training in Monica and Nancy to a cemetery walk through so they could get used to walking around at night, loading cameras, and using equipment. We had brought two guests along because one was a prospective member.

During this night, there was a meteor shower that was taking place and had just started as we were in there.
Any cold spots or sensations? The areas on the map show the areas where we had experienced weird sensations such as cold spots and spine chills for no reason.

The red x's are spots that we had interest in last night. The left most X is a spot where the EMF detector went off a couple of times. The X by the chapel is a street that has been known to give members an uneasy feeling at night. Cold sensations are noted as well as chills up and down your spine. The X by the wooded area is a spot where Garrett and the two guests got an uneasy feeling.

Any unusual occurrences? The EMF went off by the left red X a couple of times. No explanation was found for it.

The gate light turned off for the fifth time as we exited the cemetery. This happens every single time we are out there and always as we are leaving. We expect to document the light at a later investigation.

Observations and Conclusions: Calvary was active again tonight. Not as much as in the past however it was more active than our last excursion out there. We broke off into groups of 3, 2, and 2 and had better luck than when we were all together. The EMF went off three times in the left section of the cemetery and photos were taken. The photos that Kelly took (the ones with the orange date) do show a lot of orb energy. A lot more than we have caught in the past.

We did test Dr. Follmann once more while we were there and experienced absolutely nothing! We can expect to put this urban legend to rest and leave Dr. Follmann alone and in peace.

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