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Ghost Girl of Third Avenue

The Ghost Girl of Third Avenue PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Nori   

At Greyhound, we heard about her. At the Hibbing Public Library, people told us about her. But who is she?

On January 10,2009, the MNPSG crew sat in the cold emptiness of the Greyhound Bus Origin Museum in Hibbing, Minnesota. The team was here to film assistant director Glen Katzenberger and his stories of what had happened to him at the museum and why we were there. This would be the first webisode for the website and something that we hoped would entertain our visitors with a more visual approach. In this video, Glen starts to talk about a little girl who is spotted by Greyhound late at night and is often seen in the grounds between the Old North Hibbing Cemetery and the museum property. At the time, the story about her was just an added bonus to the original claims of the windows opening and doors closing by themselves.

Glen Katzenberger shares his story with us.

In the interview, Glen tells us of the little girl being around 8-10 years old, in a pink dress, and having dark hair. He witnessed her personally at 4:30 AM while on his way to work at the museum's "Dawg Pound." (It's just a garage folks.) He was pulling up and saw her in the brush between the museum and this was in the winter. He backed up his truck to see her and she had vanished. There is no way that a girl that young would survive for long in a dress and in the below zero temperatures.

In his story, he also mentions that a member of the Hibbing Police Department had witnessed this ghost girl late one night as well. In our workings with the Hibbing Police Department, we have found that not many want to stick around the property late at night. (They checked on us since the museum's buildings are owned by the City of Hibbing and are on lease. The officers do a wonderful job of patroling the property and we applaud them for always checking on us despite their own personal feelings of urban lore.)

Glen also went on to tell us about his daughter's experiences at the Guardian Angels Nursing Facitlity which is a few yards down Third Avenue. Staff would give the residents candy late at night and when it mysteriously disappeared, the nursing staff was concerned. When asked about where the sweets went, the residents claimed that they gave them to the "little girl." Since most of the residents are diagnosed with dementia, this isn't a very "paranormal" story.

However, one claim of a former employee spooks most. She claimed that while working late one night, she saw a green ball come rolling down the hallway when most the residents were sound asleep. This object did not belong to the facility and had no reason for being there.

We tried to find someone from the Guardian Angels Nursing Facility to talk to us about their experiences but our calls were never returned. (Imagine that, huh?)

We are skeptical on the stories that we hear about and remain as objective as we can. Our job is to be objective observers of an environment and we do this pretty well. Like many stories before it, the story about the little ghost girl sounded a bit too fantastic for our liking. However, we remained with an open mind and would let our evidence do the talking.

It wasn't until July 11, 2009 that we would find out that our evidence would literally do the talking.

While on a co-op investigation of the Greyhound Bus Origin Museum with the Northern Lights Paranormal Society from Grand Rapids, the team made a startling discovery within the evidence captured.

One team was walking the trail area between the Old North Hibbing Cemetery and the property of the Greyhound Bus Origin Museum and had thought they heard something in the woods. With recorders running, they captured what appears to be a young female saying "Hi." (It is the first audio file in the video below.)

That was not the only odd case of audio from the night as the wireless ambient audio from the NLPS seemed to pick up a young child crying. The gender of the child is not able to be discerned from the audio. We did have tweleve people there that night with us which seemed to upset whatever it was. The team ruled out any interference from baby monitors since there is not a residence within range. (There is one apartment complex that is mostly elderly people.)

 EVP Audio Files

We did file this little ghost girl under the "haunting Greyhound" category until October 13, 2009. The team hosted a quick seminar on where we have been, what we do, why we do it, what we have captured at the Hibbing Public Library. We did this to kick off our Halloween media season and it had a decent turn out.

We expected to talk to kids and keep it pretty PG-13. We did not expect so many adults from the community to attend. (In fact, there were about 8 kids out of 20 in attendance!) While that shocked us enough, when we played the video file above for EVP audio, we certainly did not to expect so many people that were willing to share their own stories of the "little ghost girl" from locations all over Third Avenue.

One woman shared a story with us about how she used to work "further down Third Avenue towards Howard" and had her own personal experiences with the little girl in a pink overcoat. (We did not show Glen's interview.) She mentioned that her co-workers had run ins with this ghostly child and she was also quite well aware of the stories that trickled out of the Guardian Angels Nursing Facility. (So much so that she would finish my stories when I tried to tell the audience about them.)

Another lady came up to talk to me after the event and shared an odd experience that she had at the Greyhound Museum earlier this year.

While at the 10th Anniversary Open House for Greyhound during the summer of 2009, her family had visited the museum. While in the hupmobile room, her young daughter tripped and fell. They were alone in the room but the young girl insisted that the other little girl tripped her. While telling me this story, the woman was quite visibly shaken as her voice shook and her eyes started to tear as if she ate something sour. She also told me that when her husband went to the bathroom, the mother and daughter saw a green ball roll out in front of them.

We have done some historical research into the area that the girl is seen to roam along Third Avenue. Here is what we have learned:

  • The area of graves in the Northeast section of the Old North Hibbing Cemetery is child graves.The kids are all from infants to around 12 years old. Could she belong to one of these?
  • The north half of the Old North Hibbing Cemetery is Protestant while the Southern half is Catholic. (thanks to the reader that sent me the old maps which I seem to have misplaced via gmail's automated garbage collection.)
  • North Hibbing's last remanents are less than a mile north of the cemetery. Could she have belonged to a home up there?
  • Some believe that she died in a building where a foot doctor's office used to be on Third Avenue.

It is quite interesting to me that this story has grown from originally leading us to a location where bus windows and doors seemed to open and close by themselves. Now, we are investigating an entire city block of Third Avenue. Since this is such a large section to check into, we are asking for any personal stories or information that our readers may have. This may help us with a historical lead to find a name to put to the mysterious Ghost Girl of Third Avenue.

If you have anything to add or report, please send it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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