Many residents in the Mountain Iron/Buhl area are familiar with the Lakeview Cemetery and the stories that it holds.

When Terry Fisk and Chad Lewis were writing the book, "The Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations", they spoke to a witness. The witness told the authors that he had noticed that the gates to the cemetery were being locked up. They thought this was odd since the gates are never locked... until he noticed that the person holding the key was dressed in clothing from the 1920's era! The 'keeper of the gates' walked up a road and simply vanished!

A psychic had told the Hibbing Daily Tribune that people have upset the spirits of the Lakeview Cemetery.
This cemetery also holds the old Buhl Hospital cemetery where the names were replaced by numbers. It is on an additioned section of the cemetery.

The Christ on Calvary statue is said to be an area treated by holy rules where nothing bad can harm you. This area is thought to be a protected sanctuary since it was dedicated to the dead. The white crosses represent that the dead are buried with Christ, who is positioned in the middle on the crucifix. This area also does warrant a few degress warmer than the ambient area around it for unknown reasons. Investigators have also noticed odd sounds such as a ball being bounced in this area.

The southwest corner of the cemetery has had apparitions sighted in it by investigators in the past. One investigator saw what appeared to be a white mist human figure jog across the dirt road in 2007.

On July 4, 2009, MNPSG members Don Larsen and Mickey Rice witnessed a shadow figure moving along the headstones (which is a commonly reported phenomena) and believe to have captured it on film.

The MNPSG has been investigating this cemetery for several years now and has many case files from it. We invite you to check those out in our investigation logs.

One reported phenomena that we have experienced quite a bit at this location is the sound of someone walking in the grass along side our investigators while the team is on the gravel paths.


Potter's Field where many unnamed patients of the old Buhl Hospital lay.

Source: The Minnesota Road Guide to Haunted Locations
MNPSG Investigations



Lakeview Cemetery in a larger map


Located: Morse Road, Buhl, Minnesota
Directions: From Hwy 169 turn east on Morse Road. Follow road to cemetery.


END DATE: Present