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A Thank You 10 Years in The Making

10 Years. A Decade in the darkness online.


When I originally set out to put on the web, I had one mission in mind; to give people who were interested in the paranormal an honest and legit place to find truths about history and hauntings. 

I was not a pioneer in putting ghost stories online. There were tons of other sites out there but not many gave you an honest shake at the truth. The internet was just starting to gain it's 2.0 form where dynamic content and advertisement clicks dominated domains. This meant that anyone who ran a website was looking for content could have a random stranger email them some story and they would publish it. 

I still remember my favorite "ghost story" that drove me to create this website: The Aurora High School had a ghost in it because of a fire. I graduated from that high school! There never was a fire and it was and is still called Mesabi East High School at the time of that "fire." 

It was time to have a website with integrity with an organization of the finest folks this side of Wisconsin. 

What a ride it has been since that day on Dane Street in Mankato, Minnesota where a college kid attending Mankato State University followed an ambition. In the years following I have had the opportunity to:

  • Teach two seminars at Mankato State University despite getting a college degree
  • Checked out Civil War battlegrounds of Minnesota (Hey, did you know we actually were involved way up north?)
  • Had a ghost kid tug on my shorts at the Le Sueur County Historical Society Museum
  • Wrote a book called "Adventures of a Ghost Hunter: My Investigations In the Darkness" and was published by Llewellyn Worldwide (The book took four years to write and truth be told, without our investigation logs on this very website, my memories would have been lost and no book would have been made.)
  • Learned about the history of the Greyhound Bus Museum which started in Hibbing, Minnesota of all places 
  • Ran out of power cords on a 600 foot ore freighter
  • Watched one team member bump into two different walls on two different investigations while in the dark (Don't worry Matt, your nose will heal)

There are just so many great memories from this adventure and oh, the people that I have met! Such wonderful people! When I wrote the book, my publisher wanted the great scares of my adventures in the dark but I insisted in putting my soul into thanking the wonderful people who have helped make this journey so damn special. Behind every great story is a person, be it living or deceased. 

I thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me and my team to document your stories, explore your homes and businesses in the dark, and for just allowing us enough of your attention span to show our evidence. I am talking clients, team members past and present, the people who come to our seminars, and the folks who say a simple hello to us via social media or send us a detailed email. 

You guys are absolutely what drives us to keep going on after all the wacky and strange non-paranormal cases bring us down. 

We do our best to help and document what we can. In the more recent investigations, we have tried to bring as much raw investigation video to the viewers as possible. We hope that you enjoy that approach as we continue to get better at understanding videography. By no means are we experts at editing and production but it has been fun learning how. 

As we start our 10th year, we have exciting news to share with you all soon. It is going to be something that allows us to say thank you in a huge way as new adventures are already starting to pile up. 

Exciting as that is, unfortunately we have some sad news as our website recently had a database crash. This was meant to be an update to the current system but the files within this system did not mesh and corrupted our file database. We have lost 80% of our content that has been gathered over the last ten years including investigation files. I will be doing my best to get things back up and running over the next several months as well as bringing fresh, new articles to the website. 

It has been a not so fun endeavor to discover this loss while trying to celebrate our milestone of 10 years. However, it has also allowed me to reminsce about all the wonderful things that we have done in a decade and look forward to new faces and places.

Onward and upward, right?

Thank you for your support over the last ten years from the team at! Please enjoy a video that makes me proud of all the wonderful people who have dedicated time to putting goosebumps on your arms.



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A Thank You 10 Years In the Making