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The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group in 2010 aboard the SS William A. Irvin, Duluth, MN.


The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group (MNPSG) is a not-for-profit organization that researches claims of the ghosts and haunting activity in Minnesota. Much like our TAPS counterpart, we want to try to debunk the claims of a haunting. If we do discover a place to be haunted, we offer consultation and our services to help those in need to understand and reach a livable situation with the occurrences.

The team consists of normal people who lead normal lives but have a strong interest in the field of paranormal research. Our group members come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and occupations.



The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group investigates claims of ghosts and haunting activity in public and private places. These places often include homes and businesses around Minnesota.

The group was built on three principles; investigation, consultation, and education. This is what we call the ICE principles. Through these simple fundamentals, we believe that we can offer assistance to those with so called paranormal problems.

The MNPSG believe that if these three principles are applied to the cases that we are involved in, our mission statement can be fully reached.

Our services are FREE of charge.

We believe in building a trusting relationship with those that invite us into their homes and businesses because sometimes it is hard to try explain what you can't explain or understand.



The ICE principles are simple to understand and what our group was built upon. They are three simple things that we approach every investigation with. ICE stands for Investigation, Consultation, and Education.


Through investigation, we approach cases with scientific equipment such as electromagnetic field detectors, digital cameras, digital recorders, and other equipment. Through our investigations, we are able to try to reproduce any stories that the client has experienced and believes in paranormal in nature. We try to find if there is a natural cause for these experiences such as high electromagnetic output from power sources, drafty rooms, a crazy neighbor, or just simply dust being caught in photographs.

Through investigations, we are able to gather and collect data on the location and occupants.


Through consultation, the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group is able to offer a listening ear to any problems that the client is having coping with the experiences in the location. We are there to listen to their stories and allow them to know that someone will listen to them and not think they are crazy.

Sometimes all one needs is someone to listen to them and let them know that others have the same problems as well. The MNPSG communication lines are constantly open with our clients, past and present, to share stories and experiences with us. In other words, if something happens after an investigation, we don't close the case file.

People deserve to feel comfortable in their own spaces whether that be at home or work.


The most common cause of fear among people is the fear of the unknown. Think of going through a dark alley way and not knowing what or who awaits you in that dark space. It is a psychological effect among all human beings and if one does not understand or have the information to understand, this fear continues to grow.

Most haunted places have a quick "shock" experience within them. Perhaps a loud noise that happened to an employee or something was seen visually for a span of less than 30 seconds? People often have problems comprehending what caused these experiences and because of that, they will continue to fear having it happen again if they do not understand what it was.

The MNPSG explains our data that we collected as well as any experiences that we have at a location to those clients. We also try to explain what we think could have caused an experience to clients through widely accepted paranormal principles.

Knowing is half the battle and putting a face to a fear often removes that fear.



The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group respects our clients privacy and this is often the first thing we discuss when we enter a location.

Obviously, we run this website and would like to be able to share any information or data that we collect from an investigation. However, we understand that some stories can damage a location's reputation as well as put a family's safety at risk if it's a home.

Because of that the MNPSG has a strict confidentiality policy which outlines what information gets released (if any), where it is released, and how to protect those involved if it is. Many times we list a home as a "private residence" if used on the website and no exterior pictures are shot of the location. Same goes for businesses.

Often times, we change the names of those involved if requested. We can also block out faces through pixelation.



The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group has been recognized by many national paranormal research groups and has affiliates from all over the globe. We believe in building a trustful and respectable name for our group through hard work and dedication to the people who we help.

One of our most notable credits is being the sole Minnesota member of the TAPS Family Network. TAPS, or The Atlantic Paranormal Society, is the same group that is showcased on SciFi Channel's Ghost Hunters. (website) The TAPS Family Network is a select group of paranormal research teams that is chosen by the members of TAPS based on their information and help in the field of ghosts and hauntings.

Our membership in the TAPS Family Network allows us to exchange information about cases between other family members. In other words, if a Minnesota case is ever brought up to the TAPS team, it is referred to the MNPSG.



 Here are some media groups that have been kind enough to do stories with the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group to give us some exposure.

We will also showcase those who we are currently working with to better our visitors chances of catching our piece!

Media Outlet
October 2002
KBJR News 6 - Duluth
10 PM News Media Piece
October 2005
Article about EMF Meters
October 2005
KMSU 89.7 FM
Halloween piece on air
October 2005
Mankato State Univ. Reporter
"Ghost Hunters" Article
October 2005
Mankato State Univ. Reporter
"Janesville Doll" Article
October 2005
Mankato Free Press
"Spooky Work" Article
October 2006
KOOL 108 FM (Anoka)
On Air Interview about Anoka State Hospital
October 2006
Mankato Free Press
"Is there a Ghost at MSU?" Article
October 2006
Mankato Free Press
"Mankato Ghost Hunters Speak of the Paranormal" Article
October 2006
Applauze Magazine mentioned as a resource
October 2006
KDOG 96.7 FM Mankato
Morning Show with Brad and Sarah interview
February 2007
The Nightwatchman's Chronicles
Featured group for the month of February 2007
October 2007
KTOE 1420 AM Mankato
On air interview
October 2007 mentioned as a resource
October 2007
102.9 Lite FM (Twin Cities) mentioned as a resource
March 2008
TAPS Family Radio
Featured Group for Month
October 2008
KDOG 96.7 FM Mankato
On Air Interview for Morning Show
October 2008
KOZY 1320 AM Grand Rapids, MN
On Air Interview for Morning Mess
October 2008
St. Cloud Times
Interview about Molitor's Haunted Acres attraction
October 2008
Mankato State Univ. Reporter
Group Interview about the paranormal
October 2008
107.1 FM Minneapolis
Geat Real Girls Saturday Morning Program interview.
October 2008
Chisholm Tribune
MNPSG Feature for Field of Screams event
January 2009
Hibbing Public Access
Adam did an interview for All Around Town with Gene Nicolleli.
March 2009
The UnExplained Radio Show (Leinster, Ireland)
Interview on air
July 2009
Darkness Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
Interview on air with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis
July 2009
The Hibbing Daily Tribune
MNPSG spotlighted for Greyhound Bus Origin Museum investigation
October 2009
The Hometown Focus (Virginia, MN)
Team spotlighted for Halloween.
October 2010
The Edge Magazine (Minneapolis, MN)
Spotlight for Halloween.
October 2010
Cirka Radio Show (Minneapolis, MN)
Spotlight for Halloween.
October 2010
KISS 98.7 FM (Des Moines, Iowa)
Morning Show with J. Brooks and Brittney interview
October 2010
WDIO-WIRT 10/13 (Duluth, MN)
10 PM Newsbroadcast spotlight for Halloween investigation.
June 2011
My Ghost Story (BIO Channel)
MNPSG evidence used for episode about the Palmer House Hotel.
October 2011
Minneapolis / St. Paul Magazine
Halloween piece.
October 2011
WTBX 93.9 FM (Hibbing)
Halloween interview.
March 2013
Darkness Radio (Minneapolis)
Follow up interview with Tim Dennis.

Our Mission Statement

Since 2005, has been the home of the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group. We built this project upon three core beliefs: Investigate. Consult. Educate.

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