Candy. Masks. Orange and Black. Is it Halloween season already?

Well if it is, you must have seen or heard about some paranormal investigative group during the month of October, whether it was in your local paper, on the local news, or the Discovery Channel because this is the busiest season for ghost hunters out of all the twelve months.

Not because there are more ghosts out and about but rather because it is our turn to do let the public know what we do and have interest back in it in large scale numbers. This is the time when a group will be able to do local radio shows, do press, and meet one and one with people who take an interest in what we do. In other words, for a month, we become the hottest thing since last summer.

Don't get me wrong, people show interest and support to the group all year round. I get e-mails and letters year round from people who like to just say, "Hey you are doing a great job and I love the site!" or a simple, "Will you please look at this photo?"

But for any new investigator, Halloween and the month of October can be some what of a frenzy if you aren't ready. This is why I like to train in new members and start training in the summer months. Sure the weather is great but the main reason is to prepare anyone who is associated with the group about the questions they will receive and so that the answer that is given is accurate.

The top five questions that any ghost hunter is asked:

1.) Have you ever seen a ghost?
2.) What interested you to do this?
3.) How long have you done this?
4.) What is the scariest moment you have had?
5.) What do you think ghosts are?

If you are a part of any ghost hunting group, by September you should be able to answer those five questions in a quick simple yet thorough answer.

As long as I have done this, Halloween has been a great holiday because it allows a ghost hunter to interact with the most valuable resource, they have: The Public.

The public feeds the group with information, support, and new investigations. That is why it is important to take the 31 days that are given to us to the full advantage.

There is sometimes a backlash though from publicity from the Halloween season as sometimes you get the few "knuckleheads" that suggest that you are chasing Casper or should have a proton pack on your back. Never mind those people because for every single one of them, there are fifty interested people.