Where are ghosts? Creepy houses and cemeteries come to mind because of stories and the ambeince that goes along with those locations... but really where are ghosts? Many societies that research, document, and educate others on the subject of ghosts (such as the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group) like to use the simple phrase: Ghosts are everywhere!

Think about that for a moment....

A lot of time you hear about ghosts hanging out in old abandoned houses, cemeteries, and other creepy locales - however, they can also haunt new homes and buildings!

Most of the time the stories that you hear about include old abandoned houses and cemeteries because it fits the ambience of those locations. Ghosts are scary to most societies and cultures and so are those locations. Many don't feel that ghost stories get the full effect if you tell them that the story takes place in the new condos that were just built down the block.

Also from a psychological standpoint, if you were a ghost, where would YOU wanna be? If you were a spirit who was wandering the etheral plane, it'd be hard to live with a young family with two kids in that condo down the street. So wouldn't you want a place that you could have all to yourself? It isn't uncommon for a spirit to avoid humans in a house when the two are sharing a home. They tend to be in the most unused part of a home during the day and then sneak around at night.

As for the cemetery, it's where most spirits friends may be if they had lived a full life so social get togethers are a must and common item in that location! Who brought the limbo stick!? I am just kidding but it's true. Spirits love to hang out at a cemetery around their family plot or own "home." They will wander and visit with their friends in life as well. This is why we take new members on a cemetery investigation so they can hopefully get evidence of a ghost, understand the feelings, and get down the basic outdoor conditions.

New buildings may be haunted if the structure was built over a burial ground as most commonly is done by Hollywood's movies. A ghost may also return to its home after death (as what did in this story) or may simply move in with their family after death as to watch over them.

You can find ghosts in most any place that you get the feeling of being watched or get a "spooky" feeling. Ghosts can be everywhere and often at times are; we just do not notice it until they let us know.

The best time for photographing is about an hour before sunset. This way you have some light but spirits are also the strongest. We recommend that you use a 35mm camera with a flash. Film with speeds of 400 and above is the best.

Many groups believe that the moon has an affect on spiritual activity as the moon does have an affect on the gravitational pull of the Earth. (This causes the tide to go in and come out). The reason why we believe this is because the earth's geomagnetic field is often the strongest during a full moon.